Addictions Recovery Solutions

shapeimage_2Mission: Supporting individuals, families, organizations and communities to overcome addiction and to reduce the harm associated with substance abuse by offering a range of accessible, recovery focussed treatment options.

Pegasus Recovery Solutions Ltd. was founded in 2007 to provide responsive, easily accessible services to people dealing with problems related to substance abuse.  At Pegasus we know that the “open window” of readiness to change can be fleeting;  support needs to be immediately accessible and the process seamless.  There is no “one size fits all” approach and that a range of options is available to meet individual circumstances.

Sue Donaldson and the team at Pegasus offer extensive experience and skills to provide the appropriate level of support and direction at all points in the process of addictions recovery.

Whether it be the family concerned about a loved one’s addiction, an organization concerned about workplace safety and job performance or the individual realizing that their substance use is creating problems, Pegasus has the solution.

Why “Pegasus”?

In Greek mythology, the winged horse Pegasus carried Bellerophon to the skies in order to defeat Chimera who was a fire-breathing monster – and – an apt metaphor for addiction.